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Orgamax (invoice software) Webshop connection

Under Consideration Sascha B. 20/04/2021 - 10:58

Hello WiseCP Team

I have been working with Orgamax invoicing software for years. Here exists a module for the webshop connection. Unfortunately, there is still no way to connect webshops like WiseCP, there.
But Orgamax offers an interface that can be adapted to unsupported stores:

A documentation (unfortunately only in german) is available in the ZIP package.
I can ask the Orgamax support if the technical description is available in english.
Unfortunately I lack the skill to adapt it to WiseCP. Could you take a look at this and extend the plugin with the right SQL queries?
This would be a great extension for the program Orgamax and of course also for me or those who also use Orgamax.


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