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Packages color with HEX or image.

Under Consideration VPSEXTRA LTD 12/09/2022 - 19:04

Can you add in new version V3 option for add color to packages?

Like this picture.

As we currently do not have access to your code (it is closed/encrypted)

It would be too easy:
- 1 column in the table of the plan itself (share/vps/dedicated.. something like that) column with the name: package_color
- And in the files there should simply be a "recall" of the information from the column in question.

We did it with us, it is static, i.e. we opened the template we use and there we did a check using if(), but this solution no longer works, because after the update we lost this information, so we guess, a lot of people could do it for convenience.

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