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Pre-Define Specifc Information Blocks for Products

Under Consideration Adam B. 16/09/2021 - 17:15

I would like the ability to pre-define specific sets of information blocks and have keywords associated with them so that they can be used in a custom email template that is sent upon activating order.


1) Client orders a specific product and it gets set to "Pending"
2) I manually process order by adding a Username, Password and Links for example into Pre-set links on the Order
3) These details I manually enter are then added to the pre-created blocks and shown to client in client area on their service management. These blocks keywords are also used in a custom template and information ent to client in using defined template. Example.....

Product: {$service_product_name} (Upgrade for more speed/storage)
First Payment Amount: {$service_first_payment_amount}
Recurring Payment: {$service_recurring_amount}
Billing Cycle: {$service_billing_cycle} (Save upto 30% by switching to 3, 6 or 12 month payments)
Next Due Date: {$service_next_due_date}

Username: {$service_username}
Password: {$service_password}

Dashboard: https://{$service_domain}/ (Visit or Start/Stop/Reboot Services)

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